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NCAA appeals committee upholds findings against former Baruch assistant vice president

Download the May 2017 Baruch College Appeals Committee Final Public Report

The NCAA Division III Infractions Appeals Committee upheld findings that a former Baruch assistant vice president provided impermissible financial aid for a student-athlete.

In the NCAA Division III Committee on Infractions decision, the committee found the college failed to exercise control over the conduct and administration of its athletics program. The college’s lack of policies and procedures in the administration of financial aid, combined with limited oversight of former staff members, resulted in 30 student-athletes receiving $255,097 in impermissible financial aid and benefits over the course of five years. The former assistant vice president assisted a former head volleyball coach with obtaining in-state residency status for a student-athlete, contrary to the existing financial aid policies of the college.

In his appeal, the former assistant vice president argued that the findings should be set aside because the information presented to the Committee on Infractions did not support a finding of violation. He stated that his actions were consistent with a college policy that allowed for wide discretion in classifying students as in-state for purposes of tuition. 

In its decision, the Infractions Appeals Committee found the full record of the case supported the conclusions of the Committee on Infractions and upheld the finding that the former assistant vice president provided impermissible financial aid by not following the college’s procedures.

The members of the Infractions Appeals Committee who heard this case were Zorica Pantic, Infractions Appeals Committee chair and president at Wentworth Institute of Technology; Kate Roy, senior woman administrator and associate athletics director at Lyndon State College; Larry Shank, athletics director at Muskingum University; and Phill Talavinia, athletics director at Bluffton University.