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DII Presidents Council supports 4 Convention proposals

Council backs shift to new online program for coaches

The Division II Presidents Council this week voted in support of four 2019 NCAA Convention proposals in concept, including one to replace the Division II coaches certification test with modules in Division II University. At its next meeting in August, the council will finalize its sponsorship of the proposals for a membership vote in January.

The concepts were recommended to the Presidents Council by the Division II Management Council earlier this month.

As part of its April 24 meeting in Indianapolis, the group of presidents and chancellors heard an update on Division II University, the new online educational program for coaches launching next month. The program will include modules on eligibility and recruiting rules as well as health and safety education designed specifically for coaches. It will serve as a voluntary resource for schools unless the proposal to require the completion of modules in place of the annual mandatory coaches test is adopted at the Convention. Under the proposal, coaches who do not complete the required modules will not be permitted to recruit off-campus or participate in countable athletically related activities with their team.

The Presidents Council issued its initial support for the move, with the understanding that the Division II Legislation Committee and Management Council will continue to deliberate in the coming months on details, including specific policies for coaches to complete the modules.

“We’re trying to equip our coaches with a better set of tools that will assist them with understanding NCAA rules and regulations and health and safety,” said Glen Jones, Henderson State president and chair of the Presidents Council. Additionally, Jones pointed to the mobile-optimized format of Division II University as a benefit to coaches who are often on the go.

The council also supported the following concepts:

  • A proposal to allow student-athletes to receive actual and necessary expenses — such as meals, lodging, apparel and transportation — from an institutional staff member to participate as a member of an outside team.
  • A proposal to define and clarify academic misconduct before enrollment at an NCAA school.
  • A proposal to amend the NCAA banned-drug classes to mirror the World Anti-Doping Agency list of prohibited classes.

Additionally, the Presidents Council agreed to eliminate the requirement that a student-athlete must receive written approval from the school’s president or chancellor, or his or her designee, before the athlete participates in a noninstitutional, charitable or nonprofit promotion. This change also will eliminate the requirement in equestrian, tennis and golf that a coach must receive written approval before teaching a private lesson. The council determined this proposal to be noncontroversial and will not require a full membership vote in January. It will take effect Aug. 1.

The council opposed one legislative concept, which would have eliminated the requirement that student-athletes be academically eligible in order to represent the school in media activities. The council did, however, support one piece of the concept — which specified that a student-athlete should not miss class for media activities. The council referred the issue to the Legislation Committee for further review and a possible recommendation for noncontroversial legislation to amend the rule as noted.