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DII Membership Committee develops proposal to create personnel requirements

If adopted, proposal would require full-time athletics directors, compliance administrators with no coaching duties

During its February meeting in Indianapolis, the Division II Membership Committee discussed additional details of its legislative proposal to establish new requirements for some athletics department personnel, which has already been approved in concept by the Division II Management and Presidents Councils.

The proposal would require all Division II members to employ a full-time athletics director and a full-time compliance administrator who have no coaching responsibilities. These requirements currently apply to institutions entering the Division II membership process; however, active member institutions are not held to the same standard.  The Membership Committee believes the proposal would raise the overall level of Division II, reduce conflicts of interest, create consistency among the membership and enhance institutional control.

The Division II Management Council reviewed the proposal at the 2014 NCAA Convention and recommended that the Presidents Council sponsor the legislation for the 2015 NCAA Convention.  The Presidents Council agreed to sponsor the legislation in concept. That paved the way for the Membership Committee to begin drafting the proposal into legislative format. The Management and Presidents Councils will continue discussing the proposal during their April meetings.

When the proposal was discussed at Convention, several council members said they expected it to spark significant discussion in the membership throughout the year because of its mandate for managing personnel and their roles. But the proposal isn’t expected to affect more than 10 percent of the division: In last year’ s Division II Census, 90 percent of the 260 athletics directors who responded reported having no coaching duties, and 95 percent of the 154 responding compliance officers reported the same.



  • The Membership Committee accepted McMurry University’s decision to withdraw from the Division II membership process, effective immediately. The Abilene, Texas, school had been in the second year of the candidacy period.
  • The committee finalized the development of a new white paper focused on the strategic growth of the division, which will be reviewed by the Division II Management and Presidents Councils for endorsement in April. The new white paper, designed to complement the2010 white paper that outlines strategic growth, summarizes the Division II strategic growth philosophy and highlights the role of the Membership Committee and the purpose of the membership process. The Management and Presidents Councils discussed a draft of the white paper during January’s NCAA Convention and will review the final version in April.