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DII Management Council supports budget recommendations

Presidents Council to vote Thursday on budget surplus funds, local ground transportation reimbursement for championships

The Division II Management Council on Wednesday endorsed a series of budgetary recommendations from the Division II Planning and Finance Committee, including allocations for 2018-19 surplus funds and a reimbursement of local ground transportation costs for individual and team travel based on 2018-19 championship participation.

The Presidents Council will determine whether to approve the recommendations at its meeting Thursday. Both meetings are occurring in conjunction with the NCAA Convention in Anaheim, California.

The Planning and Finance Committee recommended the division distribute more than $1 million in 2018-19 surplus funds back to schools to assist with costs associated with sponsoring athletics. The supplemental distribution, if approved, would amount to approximately $3,458 per school.

The committee also recommended allocating approximately $352,000 to help cover expenses related to the Division I, II and III joint men’s basketball championship in April 2020 and future joint championship opportunities. An additional $207,800 would help fund continued growth of the online educational program, DII University.

Additionally, the Management Council supported a reimbursement of local ground transportation costs for institutions that participated in 2018-19 championships that would be determined as follows:

  • For team sports: $1,200 per day times the number of per diem days for each team.
  • For individual sports: $30 per day times the number of eligible travelers, times the number of per diem days.

The recommended reimbursement is an increase of $5 per day for individual sports and $100 for team sports compared to the last reimbursement, which was approved for 2017-18 championships and distributed in early 2019.

“All of us face challenges when it comes to finance and budgets, and these distributions are a great use of Division II funds to assist our schools,” said Laura Liesman, athletics director at Georgian Court and Management Council chair. “The supplemental distributions help each and every institution do some different things to further the education and experience of student-athletes on our campuses.”

Concussion reporting

The Management Council also supported a recommendation to adopt legislation requiring schools to annually report all sport-related concussions in student-athletes and the resolution of those concussions. The Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports will develop and maintain policies and procedures for the reporting.

The Presidents Council will consider and vote on the legislation Thursday. If adopted, the legislation will be effective immediately, for concussions diagnosed May 18, 2020, and later.