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Advocates for Athletics Equity and NCAA to host Achieving Coaches Excellence Program

Advocates for Athletics Equity, in conjunction with the NCAA leadership development office, will host the Achieving Coaches Excellence program in an effort to better prepare minority basketball coaches for head coaching positions.  The ACE program will be held June 9-11 in Indianapolis.

The ACE Program is a partner initiative between the AAE, formerly known as the Black Coaches & Administrators group, and the NCAA that is designed as a professional development opportunity for collegiate minority coaches who are identified as potential head coaching candidates in the next two to three years.  The program centers on enhancing skill sets and increasing the number of minority head coaches in college basketball as only 17.5 percent of men’s coaches and 11.5 percent of women’s coaches are people of color in the NCAA membership.

The coaches selected for the program will get insight on hiring strategies from athletics and university officials and be able to ask direct questions to college presidents, athletics directors, search firm representatives, current head basketball coaches, NCAA staff and legal experts who have been invited as speakers or panelists.  The coaches also receive education and training in the areas of leadership, communication, relationship building, community involvement and program management.

“The ACE program is one of the best forums to help basketball coaches better understand what it takes off the court to become a head coach in college athletics, and it provides them with an inside look on some of the topics they’ll have to deal with in today’s collegiate landscape,” said Tyrone Lockhart, AAE executive director.   “The percentages of minority men and women head coaches in collegiate basketball are not balanced, especially when you consider the percentage of minority student-athletes competing in basketball today.  The coaches in the ACE program already know the offensive and defensive strategy of game planning, but many don’t have the necessary pipelines.  ACE will help them better understand how to have the discussions with key decision makers while also enhancing their skill set, which should help them when they get selected for head coach job interviews. ”

“The ACE program provides our NCAA coaches with the opportunity to learn first-hand what senior management in the university setting looks for when hiring a head basketball coach,” said Curtis J. Hollomon, NCAA director of leadership development.  “We know our coaches are well prepared when their teams face opponents on the court.  We want to make sure they are just as prepared from a career perspective when they apply for head coaching positions.”