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2019 Convention legislation: Division I

Student support, academic misconduct among issues to be discussed

The Division I Council will consider making permanent a pilot program that allows the NCAA to pay for family travel expenses to the Men’s and Women’s Final Fours. The pilot program began with the 2015 Division I Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championships and has been extended through an annual waiver.

Under the pilot program, the NCAA pays up to $3,000 total in travel, hotel and meal expenses for family members of each student-athlete on teams that compete in the Final Four semifinal games but don’t advance to the championships. The NCAA pays up to $4,000 in expenses for each student-athlete on teams that compete in the men’s and women’s basketball championship games.

Schools decide how and when to distribute funds to family members but make sure the funds are used as intended. The allowance is meant to cover transportation, hotel and meals for two family members per student-athlete. The NCAA has set no requirements on how far a family must travel to receive the allowance.

The College Football Playoff pays for families of participating student-athletes to travel to their events. NCAA rules allow for an outside entity (the CFP) to provide those expenses.

The Council also will consider legislation that would change deadlines in the legislative process and modify the certification process for women’s basketball events in which prospective student-athletes participate to match the legislation adopted for men’s basketball based on a recommendation from the Commission on College Basketball.

Additional, potentially noncontroversial legislation to be considered at the 2019 Convention would modify some of the new enforcement and infractions processes adopted by the Division I Board of Directors as a result of recommendations from the Commission on College Basketball. The modifications include logistical changes to the independent resolution process, a method for determining financial penalties and further details about the responsibility to cooperate with investigations.

The Division I Board of Directors and Presidential Forum also will meet in Orlando, Florida. Both groups will consider recommendations from the Academic Misconduct Working Group. That group, formed at the behest of the forum, was asked to examine current academic misconduct rules and practices. Recommendations focus on preventing acts of academic misconduct rather than reacting to them and emphasize both a balance between NCAA oversight and a school’s individual autonomy and the desire that student-athletes be treated like all other students.

The Presidential Forum will consider its next steps, keeping the board informed.

Both the forum and the board will discuss the expansion in individual accountability for NCAA rules violations for presidents, chancellors and athletics directors recommended by the Commission on College Basketball. The forum members will consider general principles to guide the Council’s review of athletics director accountability and advise the board.

In addition, the board will consider a request from the Division I Committee on Academics for feedback on the principles the committee developed for its review of academic expectations for student-athletes who compete after graduating.

Division I Council Proposals Set for January Vote

Proposal Source What would change
2018-31 – Division I Council governance process Division I Council Would require conferences to submit legislative concepts by July 15 and proposals by Nov. 1. Proposals would only be allowed if a conference submitted the concept by the previous July 15.
2018-68 – Academic requirements Division I Council Would eliminate the requirement that hours earned to fulfill the credit-hour progress-toward-degree benchmark must be accepted for degree credit in the specific baccalaureate degree program.
2018-87 – Family travel Division I Council Would allow the NCAA to provide travel expenses for family members of student-athletes participating in the men’s or women’s basketball Final Four.
2018-94 – Men’s ice hockey recruiting Division I Council Would create new recruiting rules related to contacts, phone calls visits, financial aid agreements and camps and clinics in men’s ice hockey.
2018-102 – Women’s basketball event certification Division I Council Would modify the certification process for women’s basketball recruiting events.

Division I Council Proposals, Slated for Possible Noncontroversial Vote

Proposal Source What would change
2018-36 – Expenses for family members of bowl participants Division I Council Would allow schools that participate in a second postseason bowl to pay for entertainment expenses for participant family members to an event organized by the nonprofessional sponsor of the additional game.
2018-37 – Calculation of actual and necessary expenses in beach volleyball Pac-12 Conference Would specify that the calculation of actual and necessary expenses will be based on a calendar year rather than on an event-by-event basis.
2018-38 – Delayed enrollment exception for transfer students in sports other than men’s ice hockey and skiing Division I Council Would allow students who have already served time in residence because of delayed enrollment requirements to transfer and play immediately.
2018-40 – Organized competition after military service, a religious mission or foreign aid service before initial enrollment exemption Big Sky Conference Would allow prospective student-athletes who serve in the military, go on a religious mission or complete foreign aid service to participate in organized competition between the completion of their service and initial enrollment without it counting as a season of competition, so long as the prospective student-athletes enroll at their earliest opportunity.
2018-42 – Prospective student-athlete participation in required summer athletics activities Atlantic Coast Conference Prospective student-athletes who participated in required summer athletics activities before initial enrollment would no longer be considered prospective student-athletes.
2018-48 – Awards to prospective student-athletes Patriot League Would allow schools to provide awards to a prospective student-athlete at an open event at or hosted by the school.
2018-65 – Wrestling recruiting dead periods Division I Council Would make the day before the Division I Wrestling Championships through noon on the day after the championships a dead period and would make the Monday before the National Wrestling Coaches Association Convention through the adjournment of the convention a dead period.
2018-66 – Full-time enrollment requirements Division I Council Would allow student-athletes to participate while enrolled less than full time if the student is in the final semester or quarter of a minor or certificate program that will be completed at the end of the term.
2018-67 – Practice before initial enrollment in sports other than football Big 12 Conference Would allow prospective student-athletes who have committed to a school in writing to observe off-field or off-court practices that are closed to the general public.
2018-78 – Athletically related activities in women’s lacrosse Patriot League Would allow weight training, conditioning and skill instruction during vacation periods from Jan. 15 to the first day of classes for the second term.
2018-81 – First date of competition in golf Big Ten Conference Would allow schools that begin classes after Labor Day to begin practice and competition seven days before the first day of classes.
2018-82 – Foreign tour per diem Atlantic Coast Conference Would increase the per diem during foreign tours from $20 to $30.
2018-83 – Drug testing Division I Council Would align the NCAA banned drug classes with the World Anti-Doping Agency list, except for glucocorticoids.
2018-84 – Qualifying for Academic Performance Fund distributions Division I Council Would allow schools to qualify for Academic Performance Fund distributions beginning with the first year of active membership.
2018-85 – Scheduling requirements Big West and ASUN conferences Would allow a reclassifying school to count as a Division I opponent in the first year of reclassification if the school meets scheduling requirements.
2018-86 – Size of Men’s Volleyball Committee Big West Conference Would increase the size of the Men’s Volleyball Committee from three to five members, with geographic requirements.
2018-92 – Eliminate requirements to report/keep on file Division I Council In several bylaws, would eliminate inconsistent and unnecessary requirements to report or keep information on file.
2018-96 – Recruiting materials Division I Council Would allow schools to provide printed pre-enrollment information about orientation conditioning, academics and practice to prospects who have signed a National Letter of Intent or financial aid agreement or who have been officially accepted to the school.
2018-98 – First official visit in football Division I Council Would allow official visits to occur in conjunction with home football contests that fall during a dead period in August.
2018-99 – Equipment donation after catastrophic events Division I Council Would allow schools to donate equipment and apparel to a prospective student-athlete’s school that suffered a catastrophic event.
2018-100 – Baseball recruiting calendar Division I Council Would revise the baseball recruiting calendar to allow coaches to spend more time with current student-athletes in the fall and add dead periods in the summer.
2018-101 – Swimming recruiting calendar Division I Council Would create a recruiting calendar in swimming and diving.
2018-107 – Football acclimatization period Division I Council Would allow footballs to be used during a walk-through in the acclimatization period.
2018-109 – All-star contests Division I Council Would allow prospective student-athletes to participate in high school or two-year college all-star contests during the summer before initial full-time enrollment in a regular term.