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2014 Convention: Day One Highlights

An opening address from a legendary former student-athlete set the tone for Association leaders to set grand goals and chart their own success at the NCAA Convention on Wednesday. All three divisions of the NCAA wrangled with legislative issues that will impact the well-being of student-athletes. And at every turn, the #NCAAConv hashtag kept the attendees in the same conversation.

The NCAA Division I Legislative Council reached consensus on some key proposals, from loosening recruiting rules to requiring member schools to designate a team physician and report catastrophic injuries to the Association 

The Division II Management Council recommended that the Division II Presidents Council sponsor a proposal that would require all active institutions to employ a full-time athletics director and and a full-time compliance administrator with no coaching responsibilities.

Division III Management Council members dove into a discussion regarding the need for more prudent spending in the future, with current expenditures, coupled with increasing economic constraints, poised to create deficits in the years ahead.

The Playing Rules Oversight Panel will issue a directive to all sports playing rules committees to strongly consider a one-year delay when making changes that have a financial or facility impact, particularly for Division II and III schools.