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Men's Basketball Selections 101 - Committee

Meet the Committee


Bruce Rasmussen 
Committee chair and director of athletics at Creighton University

Bruce began service on the committee on September 1, 2013 and will serve as chair of the committee for 2017-18.

Other Committee Members Include:

  • Bernard Muir, vice chair of committee and director of athletics, Stanford University
  • Mitch S. Barnhart, director of athletics, University of Kentucky
  • Tom Burnett, commissioner, Southland Conference
  • Janet Cone, director of athletics, University of North Carolina at Asheville
  • Tom Holmoe, director of athletics, Brigham Young University
  • Jim Phillips, vice president for athletics & recreation, Northwestern University
  • Jim Schaus, director of athletics, Ohio University
  • Craig Thompson, commissioner, Mountain West Conference
  • Kevin White, director of athletics, Duke University

Download the 2017-18 Division I Men's Basketball Committee Roster and Bios

What's the Committee's Role?

The 10-member NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Committee is responsible for selecting, seeding and bracketing the field for the NCAA Tournament. School and conference administrators are nominated by their conference, serve five-year terms and represent a cross-section of the Division I membership.

Committee members spend countless hours evaluating teams during the regular season. They are expected to be experts on the teams within their assigned conferences while maintaining a broad-based knowledge of Division I basketball.



Committee gathers and begins discussions for the upcoming basketball season. Conferences are divided among committee members so person can focus on monitoring assigned teams throughout the season. Each committee member, with the exception of the chair, has approximately seven conferences for which they serve as the primary or secondary monitor.


The committee heads to Indianapolis a month before the real selection to go through a selection orientation process, which includes a scaled-down selection and seeding process, as well as a bracketing exercise. This helps new committee members get a feel for what will happen in March.

2018 is the second year for the March Madness Bracket Preview show. This preview will reveal the committee’s picks for top 16 seeds, identifying the top-four teams in each region, as they stand at prior to the selection.

Tuesday Before Selection Sunday

The committee arrives in New York City for the beginning of the selection process. For the next five days, the 10 committee members will cast hundreds of ballots and engage in debate over dozens of teams until the final bracket of 68 is released on Selection Sunday.


Did You Know?

Conference representatives cannot be in the room when teams from their conference are being discussed for inclusion, nor are they allowed to vote for them. Same goes for a school representative, who cannot participate in or vote for their own school.

Committee members are assigned to conferences to monitor play throughout the season.

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