Behind the Blue Disk

The Behind the Blue Disk series is a collection of easy-to-read Q&A's that explain the NCAA position on issues in college sports.

NCAA's Three Divisions
Learn about the three NCAA divisions and what makes them unique.

Gambling on College Sports: What's the Big Deal?
The NCAA opposes all forms of legal and illegal sports wagering on college sports. Find out why.

How Do Athletic Scholarships Work?
Delve into the realities of athletically-related financial aid.

March Madness: Breaking Down Selections
Learn what goes into building the bracket.

NCAA Rules Enforcement: For the Good of the Game
Debunk myths about the NCAA’s rules enforcement process.

The National Letter of Intent (NLI)
Uncover everything you need to know about The National Letter of Intent.

Student-Athlete Benefits
This list outlines the many benefits student-athletes receive by playing their chosen sport while pursuing a college degree.

Transfer Rules
Why does the NCAA regulate transfer situations? Find out how the NCAA protects student-athletes before and after they decide to transfer.

Student-Athlete Reinstatement
If a student-athlete breaks an NCAA rule, his or her school can use the reinstatement process to restore the student-athlete’s eligibility and return him or her to competition.

Where the Money Goes
Learn more about how the NCAA funds many programs that directly support the academic needs and well-being of student-athletes.