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Student-Athlete Leadership Forum Overview and Objectives

Program Overview

What is the NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Forum?
The NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Forum (Leadership Forum) will engage a diverse and dynamic representation of student-athletes, coaches, faculty and administrators and provide pertinent and customized sessions that will enhance personal awareness and leadership skills needed to impact student-athlete development at the campus and conference level, and beyond the collegiate realm. 

When is my institution eligible to attend?
Every Division I, II and III institution has been designated in one of four regions based on geographic location. Click here for the complete list of regions.

What is the cost for my institution to attend?
Attendance at the Leadership Forum is absolutely FREE!  The NCAA pays for airfare or mileage, shuttle transportation, lodging and meal costs; however, rental car fees are not reimbursed.   Hotel expenses (excluding incidentals) and airfare are billed directly to the NCAA.  


Learning Outcomes:

As a result of attending the Leadership Forum, participants will be given the opportunity to:

  • Clarify individual values.
  • Assess behavioral styles to enhance communication.
  • Explore how values and behavior shape their unique leadership style.
  • Gain a better understanding of the NCAA, their Division and the role of the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committees (SAAC).
  • Discuss issues affecting student-athletes today.
  • Explore the role of service in leadership success.
  • Grow personally and professionally.
  • Gain a new network of friends and colleagues.
  • Develop a greater appreciation for diversity.

Action Outcomes:

As a result of attending the leadership forum, participants will be given the opportunity to:

  • Improve communication among student-athletes, coaches and administrators.                              
  • Establish an inter-conference and regional network of peers and mentors.                              
  • Gain ideas on how to improve campus, conference and national SAAC communication, and share these ideas with their campus or conference.                              
  • Improve student-athlete well-being by engaging in the examination of critical divisional issues.                              
  • Share what they learned about the NCAA with other student-athletes.