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Lessons in Management

Lessons in Management is a NCAA leadership development program designed for new managers and first-time supervisors in college athletics. Lessons in Management will be provided to a cohort of 24 female participants with eight representatives from each division.  The program will focus on building the foundational skills that are needed to succeed as first-time managers.

Key Dates

  • Sept. 30, 2019: Application opens (8 a.m. Eastern time).
  • Nov. 4, 2019: Application closes (Noon Eastern time).
  • Jan. 21-22, 2020: Program dates (Anaheim, California).

PLEASE NOTE: The program dates occur immediately prior to the annual NCAA convention.

Support for new managers when transitioning to supervisory capacities is limited. Research suggests that only 19% of new managers receive the training they need for their new role. The NCAA will address this gap by offering a program specifically for new managers in intercollegiate athletics to confidently perform their supervisory responsibilities. This will allow them to be better managers in their roles which contributes to enhancing the lives of our student athletes.

What You’ll Learn

The curriculum for the Lessons in Management program will center upon empowering first-time supervisors to successfully manage others. Participants will have the opportunity to share their individual challenges and discuss the critical success behaviors that drive performance of first-time managers and/or supervisors. Participants will explore risks related to manager derailment.  They will be equipped with strategies to avoid potential barriers so often faced by new managers.  The program will start with an in-depth leadership assessment to identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas of development.

Participants will be exposed to experiential learning activities to build key management skills. Skills will include aligning actions with priorities, developing a managerial style, influencing culture, managing talent, setting expectations and managing low performers. They will have targeted dialogues about the challenges specific to women and women of color in leadership positions, including but not limited to authentic leadership, a lack of confidence, the “imposter syndrome,” and the challenge of finding one’s voice. The cohort will dive into the importance of identifying and utilizing executive allies. The group will receive feedback to support their career and professional development planning.

Who Is Eligible?

Eligible participants for the Lessons in Management program must identify as female and work in a full-time athletics administration role. Additionally, participants must have been hired or promoted into a new supervisor position within the last 12 months.

Potential participants must first be nominated by a director of athletics, conference commissioner, senior woman administrator, or faculty athletics representative at the institutional or conference office level. Once nominated by a designated individual, these nominees must complete an application via Program Hub.

How To Apply

Athletics directors, conference commissioners, senior woman administrators or faculty athletics representatives may nominate an administrator fitting the eligibility criteria via the “Nominator” tab in NCAA Program Hub by entering the interested applicant’s first name, last name and email address. 

Nominated administrators will receive an email that will direct them to the NCAA Program Hub to complete a profile and submit their application through the “Application” tab. 

All application materials must be submitted by the nominated administrator.


The NCAA will cover costs associated with lodging, meals and program materials. Participants will be responsible for funding their own travel to and from the program.

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