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Governance - Postgraduate Internship

Key Dates:

  • Aug. 5, 2020 – Application opens (8 a.m. Eastern time)
  • Sept. 7, 2020 – Application deadline (5 p.m. Eastern time)
  • June 14, 2021 – Start date for 2021-22 internship program


The NCAA governance department provides key support to the NCAA's federated governance structure, which includes Divisions I, II and III, as well as Association-wide committees. The department works directly with the presidential bodies and various councils and committees that direct the affairs of each division, including proposing and sponsoring legislation; identifying options and recommendations on relevant policy issues; as well as preparing and distributing meeting agendas, supplements, meeting summaries and minutes. 

The governance interns attend council and committee meetings, engage with committee members and various other constituents within the broader membership, prepare reports, attend and take an active role in the annual NCAA Convention and assist with the National Letter of Intent (NLI) program.

Interns who have worked in the governance department have gone on to work in campus compliance, admissions, fundraising as well as conference offices, coaches' associations, the NCAA national office and professional sports governing bodies.

Check out the job description for the three internship positions within governance here.

Intern Perspective

“Working in the governance department has allowed me the opportunity to get a taste of every other department within the NCAA. I’ve been able to obtain a great grasp on how the membership functions from the institutional, conference and national outlook. Being a governance intern helps you truly understand how processes and communication move through the structure from start to finish so that change can be installed within each division.”

Madison Arndt, 2018-19 governance intern

“The unique thing about the governance department is that it touches every other department in the NCAA. Therefore, as an intern, it is not uncommon to participate in meetings with members of the championships staff, the AMA staff, the enforcement staff and every department in between. Because of this, when the membership finally votes on legislation, you have a full perspective of the impact that vote will have, not only on the membership, but on the Association as a whole.”

Tiffany Alford, 2018-19 governance intern

“The opportunity to work with the governance department has been a great experience for me. Working with the different committees composed of representatives from membership institutions, conference offices and the student-athlete body within the legislative process has been eye opening. The amount of work that goes in to ensure a great student-athlete experience is amazing and the governance structure has a large role in that.”

Scotty Thurman, 2018-19 governance intern

Former Postgraduate Interns

  • Monica Lebron (Tulane) deputy athletics director/chief operating officer
  • Denise O’Grady (Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis) associate athletics director for academics

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