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Eligibility Center - Postgraduate Internship

Key Dates:

  • Aug. 5, 2020 – Application opens (8 a.m. Eastern time)
  • Sept. 7, 2020 – Application deadline (5 p.m. Eastern time)
  • June 14, 2021 – Start date for 2021-22 internship program


The NCAA Eligibility Center under the regulatory affairs division of the Association, ensures college-bound student-athletes, member institutions and high schools understand the requirements to participate in Divisions I and II athletics and to certify their academic and amateur credentials in accordance with NCAA standards and philosophy.

Eligibility Center interns work closely throughout the yearlong program with each unit of the department, which includes academic certification, academic waivers, amateurism certification, customer service and high school review.

These interns gain extensive knowledge and understanding of each of these functions and how they are integral to the certification of prospective student-athletes. Interns who have worked in the Eligibility Center have gone on to work in compliance, event operations, as well as student-athlete and academic affairs at both the campus and conference level.

Check out the job description for the two internship positions within the Eligibility Center here.

Intern Perspective

“Rotating through each department of the Eligibility Center really gives you a thorough understanding of the initial eligibility process from beginning to end. As a postgraduate intern in the Eligibility Center, you not only develop a deep knowledge of NCAA rules in all three divisions but also get to be a part of every step of helping high school students become NCAA student-athletes.”
Loren Galloway, 2018-19 Eligibility Center intern
“The EC team is full of friendly faces who are always there to help with any questions you may have. The EC internship provides an amazing educational and professional opportunity to learn about the process of ensuring student-athlete success when helping them prepare for their collegiate academic and athletic careers.”
Becky Stevens, 2018-19 Eligibility Center intern

Former Postgraduate Interns

  • Libby Farley (NCAA) assistant director of academic review, eligibility center
  • Christine Neuman (Horizon League) associate commissioner of competition and championships.
  • Paul Perrier (Rutgers, The State Univ. of New Jersey, New Brunswick) senior associate athletics director / chief compliance officer.
  • Brandi Guerinot (America East Conference) associate commissioner, compliance and governance / senior woman administrator

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