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Champion Forum for Basketball

The Champion Forum for Basketball provides a unique yearlong professional development opportunity for current NCAA college basketball coaches to acquire a realistic view of the administrative preparation it takes to become a head coach in the college game. The NCAA works with the Men’s Basketball Ethics Coalition to largely select high-performing ethnic minorities, with a focus on providing tailored programming to talented rising stars who will lead the next generation of college head coaches.

Participants encounter a series of pre-work and continuing education, expertly crafted to develop the following leadership and core skills necessary to obtain a head coaching position:

  • Simulating the various formats of the interview process serve as core curriculum.
  • Exposure to key decisions makers in the industry such as, current and former head coaches, university presidents, conference executives, directors of athletics, and search firms.
  • Gain a better understanding of the role of search firms in the process.
  • Defining their coaching philosophies, develop their coaching book and establish best practices for enhancing student-athlete well-being.

The Basketball program provides an enhanced professional development experience through;

  • Customizing a personal “competitive advantage”: participants reflect upon their career path, shape their coaching philosophy, and develop techniques to craft a distinct competitive advantage.
  • Exclusive access to: Current university president, director of athletics, head of a search firm, professional sports agent, and a head coach who has walked in your shoes.
  • Professional interview preparation and critique: Participants will engage in simulated interviews designed to challenge your preparedness to become a 21st Century college basketball head coach.

Eligibility and selection profile

Participants for this program are nominated by key stakeholders and veterans of the coaching industry, and then selected in consultation with the NCAA national office staff and administrators from within the membership.

The optimal participant:

  • Demonstrates ability to understand college basketball with a “30,000-foot view,” its role within higher education, and the CEO duties of a head coach.
  • Demonstrates ability to clearly communicate/articulate personal coaching philosophy and vision for a basketball program to key stakeholders (university administration, donors, media, student-athletes, etc.).
  • Has management experience or management potential (has managed staff previously).
  • Has called plays or is directly involved in game planning.
  • Is a highly-effective recruiter.
  • Quickly climbed coaching ladder and appears primed to become head coach (even if other criteria not met).

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