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Career in Sports Forum

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The 2020 Career in Sports Forum will bring together selected NCAA student-athletes to learn about and explore potential careers in sports, particularly college athletics. This unique virtual programming experience will help student-athletes chart their career paths, while presenting copious opportunities for attendees to learn from current industry leaders.

Key Dates
  • May 27-29, 2020: Career in Sports Forum Virtual

Notable speakers will cover the following topics and more to prepare attendees for success navigating their futures: self-awareness and its role in professional development; practical approaches to the sports job search; personal branding; developing a career plan; managing yourself as a professional in the sports industry. Through online panels, engaging breakout sessions, keynote presentations and facilitated discussions, program participants will complete their experience with a thorough understanding of athletics as a career path and where they fit into the industry’s landscape.

Through the innovative use of an online platform, participants will undergo a transformative experience that will equip them thrive in life after their playing days.

What participants learn

The forum platform allows attendees to network with peers and decision-makers at the campus, conference and national level of college athletics.  Content will meet the following program objectives:

  • Educate participants on how personal strengths intersect with career opportunities.
  • Provide participants with tangible experiences that will push them forward in their aspiration for a career in sports.
  • Explore professional and career development strategies to help the transition to a career in the sports industry.
  • Learn about the role of a college coach or athletics administrator.


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Career in Sports Forum

During the Forum, current college athletes engage with professionals in college sports administration, as well as acquire tools and training needed to pursue careers in the industry.