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2012 NCAA-BCA Achieving Coaching Excellence Program Participants

Twenty-one of the most talented coaches from around the country were selected to be part of the 2012 program. The ACE program provided participants with an opportunity to engage and interact with current NCAA head basketball coaches, director of athletics and leaders involved in intercollegiate athletics. The selected participants received training and education in the areas of leadership, communication, campus relations, media, community involvement and program management.

The 2012 program took place June 7-10 in Indianapolis. The program’s overarching goal was to provide assistant and associate head coaches with the tools needed to be successful on and off the court.

2012 ACE Program Participants   

Men’s Basketball    Women’s Basketball
Eugene Burroughs       Carrie Banks
Tavaras Hardy        Candice Brown
Booker Harris         Darryl Brown
Larry Harrison                  Brianna Chambers
Jamaal Jackson             Wyketha Harrell
Terry Johnson Machli Joseph
Willie Jones             Corey Laster
Darryl LaBarrie         Terlynn Olds
Tony Newsom              Jada Pierce
Dwayne Pina               Danielle Santos
               Barvenia Wooten-Cherry