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Student-Athlete Leadership Forum Criteria

How are participants selected?
Directors of athletics are encouraged to select student-athletes with a diverse representation of experiences who will have a positive influence on campus and within the community.  The NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Forum (Leadership Forum) is a unique educational opportunity, which requires diversity and inclusion.

Institutions must select two student-athletes according to the following compositional requirements:

Institutional Requirements:

  • One female student-athlete and one male student-athlete. (Single-gender institutions may nominate same gender student-athletes.)
  • One full-time or part-time coach, administrator or faculty member.
  • It is strongly encouraged that at least one of the two participants is a person of color or international representative (international status based on country of primary citizenship.) 
  • Both student-athletes must have athletics eligibility and be participating in a NCAA sponsored sport during the 2013-14 academic year. 
  • The student-athlete participants must represent different NCAA-sponsored sport (i.e. if you submit a male basketball student-athlete you are unable to submit a female basketball student-athlete.)

Please note a campus administrator participant is not required to attend the Leadership Forum with student-athletes.  

Participant Eligibility Requirements:

  1. A student-athlete participant must have athletics eligibility and be participating in a NCAA-sponsored sport during the 2013-14 academic year.          
  2. A student-athlete participant must be in good academic standing according to the institution's requirements.         
  3. All participants must have demonstrated the ability or a strong desire to lead.         
  4. All participants selected are expected to participate in all activities.