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Student-Athlete Affairs Advisory Group

The Student-Athlete Affairs Advisory Group (SAA Advisory Group) supports NCAA staff in the areas of education programs, health and safety and leadership development and its members serve as campus and conference resources for programs developed for both student-athletes and athletics professionals.  

The current group structure represents all NCAA divisions in addition to members of the campus community not otherwise eligible for NCAA committee appointment.  The SAA Advisory Group includes individuals designated as "student-athlete development professionals" as well as Dean of Students, athletic trainers, individuals representing affiliate organizations and those who represent fields that enhance the overall well-being of student-athletes. 

SA Affairs Advisory Group Roster


There are no current vacancies at this time.

For questions regarding nominations, please contact Jaime Fluker, associate director of leadership development at 317/917-6973 or at


If you have any questions please contact:
Jaime Fluker
Associate Director of Leadership Development
Telephone:  317/917-6973