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NCAA Pathway Program

The NCAA Pathway Program services all senior-level athletics administrators who wish to become director of athletics as their next career step.  The program is working to provide national exposure to the participants and to facilitate the opportunity to obtain information and career guidance from the leadership of intercollegiate athletics across the country.

Program Objectives:

  • Participants will gain a better understanding of the role of directors of athletics in all NCAA divisions.
  • Participants will be provided with an in-depth look into the NCAA governance structure.
  • Participants will be exposed to key intercollegiate athletics stakeholders across the country.
  • Participants will be matched up with a director of athletics in the NCAA membership who will provide guidance and mentorship as they continue their current careers and pursue future career aspirations.
  • Participants will be matched up with an NCAA member institution president/chancellor and participate in a one to two day campus visit.

Program Criteria:

  • Associate-level directors of athletics or above (with consideration given to varying organizational structures per division).
  • 8 years or more of intercollegiate athletics experience preferred.
  • Recommended/endorsed by their director of athletics (or direct supervisor if current AD).
  • Serves on senior leadership team.
  • Recognized or demonstrated ability to lead through any or all of the following:
    • Current work role.
    • Educational association.
    • Successful completion of professional leadership program (e.g., NACWAA/HERS, NACDA, MOAA).
  • Staff supervision experience.
  • Skills and experience in at least two of the following areas:
  • Sport oversight (revenue sport preferred).  
  • Development (e.g., Associate AD for Development, Associate AD for Annual Giving).     
  • Fiscal and/or budget management (e.g., Sr. Associate AD - Chief Financial Officer, Associate AD for Business Operations, Associate AD – Finance).
  • Coaching (previous or current).
  • Senior Woman Administrator designation.
  • Internal Operations (e.g., oversight of business, compliance, academics, facilities).
  • External Operations (e.g., oversight of marketing/promotions, tickets, media relations, fund-raising).

Tentative 2014-15 In-person Pathway Schedule:

  • 2014 NCAA Convention (January 12-14, 2014).
  • April Governance meeting (April TBD).
  • NACDA Convention (June 9-12, 2014).
  • August meeting (August TBD).
  • NCAA Governance meeting ( October TBD).
  • 2015 graduation at NCAA Convention (January 2015).

Tentative Timeline:

  • October 14, 2014 - Application closes.
  • October 17, 2014 - Selection committee will rank applicants via the NCAA Program Hub.
  • November 4, 2013 - Selection committee rankings due via the NCAA Program Hub.
  • November 6, 7 or 8, 2013 - Selection committee call (if necessary).
  • November 11, 2013 - 2014 Pathway participant class notified.
  • November 13, 2013 - Pathway participants register for the 2014 NCAA Convention.
  • November 15, 2013 - Pathway participants are emailed detailed information about the program.


  • The application for the 2014-15 Pathway Program can be found at NCAA Program HubThe deadline to apply is Monday, October 14, 2013.

Meeting Reports:


If you have any questions regarding the NCAA Pathway Program please contact:

Dawn Buth
Associate Director of Leadership Development
Telephone:  317/917-6873

Fellows in the News

Dr. Melody Reifel Werner Named Interim AD
Lori Hendricks Named Mount Holyoke AD
Vicky Chun Named Colgate AD
Carla Wilson Named NACWAA DI Administrator of the Year
Shields-Gadson Named Chair of NCAA Committee
Jennifer Kulics Becomes New Student Ombuds at Kent State University
Christyn Abaray Named Buena Vista Director of Athletics
Hamline University Names Jason Verdugo Next Athletic Director


Current NCAA Pathway Program Participants

Class of 2013

Name Current Position Institution/Conference
Sharon Brummell Association Athletic Director for Business and Finance/SWA Georgetown University
Eric Dejuan Hart Associate Athletic Director Delaware State University
Jeffrey C. Howard Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations University of Denver
Kaitlyn McKittrick Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance and Student Services/SWA Lafayette College
G. Anthony Grant Associate Director of Athletics (Academic Support) Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Jaime Lee Lundgren Associate Athletic Director/Director of Compliance/SWA University of Nebraska at Kearney
Kimberly Miller Assistant Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator/Head Women's Softball Coach Shaw University
Heather Benning Assistant Athletic Director/Associate Professor of Physical Education/Head Women's Soccer Coach/SWA Grinnell College
Susan E. Fumagalli Associate Director of Athletics Gettysburg College
Lori Hendricks Director of Athletics and Chair of the Department of Physical Education Mount Holyoke College


Graduates of the NCAA Pathway Program

Class of 2012

Name Current Position Institution/Conference
Jessica Cherry Assistant Athletic Director/SWA York College (New York)
Amy Crosbie Associate Athletic Director/SWA Weber State University
Amy Folan Associate Athletic Director for Administration and Sports Programs The University of Texas
Shantey Hill Senior Associate Director of Athletics/SWA C.W. Post Campus/Long Island University
William Orr Instructor of Sports Management Livingstone College
Tracee Passeggi Associate Director of Athletics/SWA California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Roderick Perry Deputy Director of Athletics Wright State University
Valerie Richardson Associate Athletics Director University of Virginia
Bradley Taylor Assistant Director of Men’s Basketball Championships NCAA
Jason Verdugo Director of Athletics Hamline University
Michelle Walsh Associate Athletic Director/SWA State University of New York at Geneseo
Julie Wengert Associate Athletic Director for Administration Missouri Southern State University


Class of 2011

Name Current Position Institution/Conference
Christyn Abaray Director of Athletics Buena Vista University
Sherie Cornish Gordon Senior Associate AD for Administration/SWA Norfolk State University
Avery Esdaile Assistant Athletic Director Wellesley College
Kimberly Johnson Associate Athletics Director/SWA Texas Christian University
Carmen Leeds Senior Associate Athletic Director for Internal Operations/SWA Emporia State University
Monica Love Associate Director of Athletics for Administration and Sports Services U.S. Military Academy
Diane O’Brien Executive Associate AD/SWA University of California, Santa Barbara
Dr. Melody Reifel Werner Interim Director of Athletics Eastern Michigan University
Harry Stinson III Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance Kentucky State University
Alice Tym Associate Director of Athletics/Director of Advancement University of Illinois at Chicago
Peter Roby Director of Athletics Northeastern University
Kelly Mehrtens Deputy Director of Athletics/Chief Operating Officer University of Maryland, College Park


Graduates of the NCAA Fellows Leadership Development Program

Class of 2009-2010

Name Current Position Institution/Conference
Linda Andrzjewski Athletic Director Wilmington University (Delaware)
Lisa Campos Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics Northern Arizona University
Vicky Chun Director of Athletics Colgate University
Derek Horne Director of Athletics Florida A&M University
Kiki Jacobs Associate Director of Athletics Springfield College
Jim Sarra Deputy Athletics Director University of Texas at San Antonio
Tracy Scott Associate Athletic Director for Compliance/SWA Chicago State University
Darryl Sims Director of Athletics University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
Allison Tookes Associate Director of Athletics/SWA Wayne State University (Michigan)
Marianne Vydra Associate Athletic Director/SWA Oregon State University
Carla Wilson Senior Associate Athletics Director for Business and Administration/SWA University of Missouri, Kansas City


Class of 2007-2008

Name Current Position Institution/Conference
Megan Boone Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance Services Stanford University
Wheeler Brown Health and Physical Education Teacher Guilford County Schools
Ann Carr Senior Associate Athletics Director/SWA Mississippi State University
Julio Freire Senior Associate Athletics Director/Development University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Dr. Jennifer Kulics Student Ombuds Kent State University
Carolyn O’Connell Senior Associate Athletics Director/SWA Loyola University (Illinois)
Milton Overton Senior Associate Athletics Director for Technology Advancement University of Alabama
Karen Peters Senior Associate Athletics Director/SWA University of Portland
Monica Severson Associate Athletics Director/SWA Wartburg College
TJ Shelton Associate Athletics Director for Sports Administration Ohio State University
Tricia Turley Brandenburg Deputy Director of Athletics for Internal Operations Towson University
Gerald Young Director of Athletics Carleton College


Class of 2005-2006

Name Current Position Institution/Conference
Dr. M. Grace Calhoun Assistant Vice President and Director of Athletics Loyola University (Chicago)
Kevin Clark Senior Adviser to President Neil Theobald Temple University
Philip Grayson Associate Athletic Director for Administration/Quality Assurance Clemson University
Jill LaPointe ExecutiveAssociate Athletics Director/SWA Providence College
Tracey Ranieri Director of Athletics State University College at Oneonta
Etienne Thomas Associate Athletics Director for Internal Affairs and Compliance/SWA North Carolina Central University
Tonia Walker Associate Athletics Director/SWA Winston-Salem State University


Class of 2003-2004

Name Current Position Institution/Conference
Amanda Ray Braun Executive Senior Associate Athletics Director/SWA Northeastern University
Megan Sobel Senior Associate Athletic Director for Varsity Sports/SWA Dartmouth College
Charles D. Guthrie Director of Athletics Clark College
Robert Tony O’Neal Associate Athletic Director for Compliance Bethune-Cookman University
Jill Michelle Redmond Assistant Commissioner Atlantic 10 Conference
Dr. Donald Raymond Reed Senior Associate AD for Academics and Sports Management University at Buffalo
Julie Ann Sandoval Assistant Athletic Director of Compliance Services California State University, Northridge


Class of 2001-2002

Name Current Position Institution/Conference
Gwen Lexow Head Softball Coach/Associate Athletics Director/SWA Bates College
Gloria Nevarez Senior Associate Commissioner/SWA Pac-12 Conference
Ralph Christopher Reynolds Deputy Director of Athletics Northwestern University
John Robinson Jr.    
Faith Eileen Shearer Associate Director of Athletics/SWA Elon University
Corrinne Flora Wright    
James Roderick Wyatt Director of Human Relations University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Class of 1999-2000

Name Current Position Institution/Conference
Jacqueline G. Campbell Director of Division I Governance NCAA
Sean T. Frazier Deputy Athletic Director University of Wisconsin
Floyd Kerr Director of Athletics Morgan State University
Dell Robinson Commissioner Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
Alecia Shields-Gadson Deputy Athletic Director/SWA Coppin State University
Kathleen Worthington    


Class of 1997-1998

Name Current Position Institution/Conference
Dr. James Brown Professor of Education Southern University at Shreveport
Damon Evans Vice President, Business Development & Strategy The Markley Group
Robert Minnix Senior Associate Athletics Director Washington State University
Robyn Sharp Director of Development for Athletics University of Nevada
Paula Smith Deputy Athletic Director/SWA University of California, Irvine
Marcella Zalot Director of Athletics Colby College