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Enforcement - Postgraduate Internship

Enforcement is the department that investigates potential violations of NCAA legislation and processes those violations, sometimes bringing the cases to hearing or resolving them on the written record. The mission is to protect and sustain the NCAA enduring values through fair and efficient development, investigation and processing of cases. 

There currently are three internship opportunities within Enforcement. The interns support and assist the staff in monitoring, investigating and processing violations of NCAA legislation.  This includes reviewing and processing self-reported Level III violations as well as providing case support to investigators on Level I and Level II cases.

Interns who have worked in our department have gone on to jobs in compliance and/or administrative positions at member institutions and conference offices in all three NCAA divisions.

Intern Perspective

“Enforcement interns have amazing opportunities to participate in the development, examination, and processing of major infractions cases from inception to completion. I have conducted case interviews, edited confidential documents, transcribed interview summaries, and performed research for investigators, among other things. Additionally, the interns are included in weekly meetings that help formulate the New Interpretive Philosophy (NIP) regarding case processing. Working in enforcement is invigorating because we are entrusted with the same responsibilities as full-time employees, and we have endless chances to learn around the office.” 

–Paul Kilgas, 2014-15 Enforcement intern

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“As a person that reads sports news, being a part of the types of cases I’ve read about in the news for years is both a great challenge and professional thrill.  Working on the major infractions cases is also a chance to see and learn from the most experienced investigators at the NCAA. The major infractions cases can be extremely complex and may involve senior athletics department officials, head coaches and prominent student-athletes. We learn by working with the Enforcement staff to process the major infractions cases in a way that is both expedient and fair.”

– Malcolm Grace, 2014-15 Enforcement intern

Former Postgraduate Interns

Marcella Zalot (Colby College, Harold Alfond Director of Athletics)

Heather Lyke Catalano (Eastern Michigan, Vice President/Director of Athletics)

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