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Student-Athlete Insurance Certification Legislation


The following Information Guide provides general information on the NCAA legislation requiring certification of basic accident insurance coverage.

This guide is intended to explain the legislation, provide information on how to comply with the legislation, answer common questions, and provide sample forms that can be used as part of the compliance process. The following information and materials are provided in this information guide: 

 - Includes legislation reference, background information, intent of legislation and frequently asked questions.

 - A flowchart to help guide you through the compliance and decision-making process. 

 - A summary of compliance options to address scenarios where current practices do not meet legislation requirements.

 - Suggestions on securing and reviewing evidence of insurance from parents/student-athletes.

Sample Form Packages - Examples of forms that may be of assistance to institutions in communicating information about accident medical insurance to student-athletes/parents. 

 - This form can be completed and kept on file in the office of the director of athletics.

Please note that these procedures and forms are provided as best practices and examples only. Each member institution should adapt them, or others of their making, to meet their own requirements