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Emerging Sports: Rugby

Information Related To Adding the Sport

•     Level of Participation (high school club/college club):  
3,225 girls participating in high school club rugby. 
11,000 women collegiate club rugby players.
347 total women's collegiate rugby clubs.

•     Estimated Start-up Costs:  Approximately $15,000.

•     Equipment Needed:  Scrum sled, warm-ups, practice and game jerseys, shorts and socks, sweats, balls, cones, tackle bags, blocking bags, cleats, head gear, shoulder pads, mouth guards and field markers.     

•     Facilities Necessary:  Field playing area is 130 x 75 yards, office facility, sprinkler system, team benches, scoreboard, public address system, goal post and goal post pads, fence enclosure, flag pole, equipment storage shed, spectator seating and locker room development for 30 to 35 player roster.    

•     Number of Coaches Needed:  Two (one head coach and one graduate assistant).     

•     Annual Cost of Program:  Approximately $90,000 to $100,000 annual operating costs, excluding scholarships (depends on road schedule and desire to showcase the team nationally) and including approximate coaches' salaries, equipment, travel, per diem, hotels, officials, recruiting, additional training room and academic support.     

•     Funds/Grants Available:  USA Rugby "Ten by 2010" provides grants up to $5,000 towards program start-up costs.

•     Typical Season (dates, duration):  Fall. 

•     Remarks:  Rugby is one of the largest and continually growing club sports in the United States with almost 350 collegiate women's clubs already in existence and 5,000 high school club participants.  USA Rugby currently provides start-up kits to assist newly formed clubs become successful on-campus teams.  In addition, the International Olympic Committee Program Commission has added rugby  as an Olympic sport for the 2016. Olympics. Rugby is a Pan American Games sport as of 2008.

Key Organizations/Agencies

USA Rugby
2500 Arapahoe Avenue Suite 200, Boulder, Colorado  80302
Telephone:  972-825-6686

Web site

Varsity Rugby -

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