Diversity and Inclusion Social Media Campaign

In Partnership with the Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee (MOIC) and Student-Athlete Advisory Committees (SAACs).

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Day 4: Taking Action

Outlining personal action steps for inclusive excellence

Day 4 (Friday, Oct. 25) is focused on taking action to promote diversity and inclusion on campus or in the conference in the future. By developing and sharing personal commitments, this final day of the 2019 campaign asks student-athletes to identify specific action steps that will allow them to contribute to inclusive excellence during their time at their school.

To kick off this day, campaign participants should post an announcement revealing the theme for Day 4.

Example Post:

  • “All good things come to an end -- except our commitment to diversity and inclusion! On the final day of #NCAAInclusion Week, we challenge you to TAKE ACTION! What personal commitments will you make to promote diversity and inclusion in the future?” (247 characters)

Engagement Level 1: Tweeting/Creating Posts on Social Media

Campaign participants can prepare a series of posts that showcase their commitments to diversity and inclusion in the future.

Example Posts:

  • “This year, I want to check out at least one new student group focused on diversity and inclusion this semester. #NCAAInclusion” (126 characters)
  • “It is important to embrace our differences — I promise to treat all people with respect regardless of what identities they may hold. #NCAAInclusion” (147 characters)
  • “I will take action by checking out two different organizations dedicated to diversity and inclusion on campus this semester. #NCAAInclusion” (126 characters)
  • Campus/conference SAAC accounts can make use of the poll option on Twitter to inspire followers to take action:


“Today’s theme is taking action! What will you do to promote diversity and inclusion on campus and beyond? #NCAAInclusion

  • Take a leadership course
  • Join a student organization focused on D&I
  • Befriend an international student
  • Ask coach to talk about D&I topics during team meetings

Engagement Level 2: Visualize Commitments to Inclusive Excellence

  • Create a “Wall of Diversity & Inclusion Commitments”. Place the phrase “My commitment to Inclusive Excellence” on a white board or poster and have students fill out postits with their commitments to be placed on that wall/poster. You can then take a picture of each student-athlete posting their commitment to inclusive excellence. Once the wall is filled with different commitments, you can also ask student-athletes to identify those commitments that inspire them most to promote diversity and inclusion in the future -- thus creating a dialogue on the commitments shared on the wall. For instance, you can ask juniors and seniors to place their commitments on the wall first. Then, first-year students and sophomores can review the commitments and discuss which ones best fit their own personal goals for inclusive excellence.
  • Using their phone cameras, task student-athletes with interviewing other student-athletes (or students in general!) about their commitments to inclusive excellence. For example, you could ask SAAC members to spend 30 minutes walking across campus to interview student(-athlete)s using prompts such as “What do you want to do to promote a stronger sense of community here on our campus?” or “What is one thing you can do to promote diversity and inclusion in our community?”. SAAC members can then share the responses by uploading the videos to social media and using the campaign hashtag #NCAAInclusion.
  • You can also share posts highlighting specific ongoing partnerships related to community service, diversity and inclusion in your athletics department and recommit to these initiatives. Examples:
    • Partnerships with community organizations
    • Partnerships with campus groups
    • Community service activities
    • Diversity and inclusion programming/trainings
    • Etc.

Engagement Level 3: Creating Team Commitments to Diversity and Inclusion

  • SAAC members could select a group of teams on your campus and have each team choose a theme word related to diversity and inclusion – such as “justice,” “equality,” or “inclusion. Teams can develop their word in a workshop and can then share strategies via social media on how they plan to embrace that word for the rest of the year. Alternatively, this idea can also be used at the conference level. In this case, each member institution would be assigned a theme word related to diversity and inclusion.

  • SAAC members could create a pledge that they can digitally sign and share on social media. In 45 sentences, the pledge could be a call to action that allows SAAC members and their student-athlete peers to take an active stance on why it is important to support efforts for diversity and inclusion. Alternatively, ask teams to implement diversity- and inclusion-specific team rules into their team contracts.
  • SAAC reps can promote scholarship opportunities and programs available for minority and female studentathletes through the NCAA as well as resources made available by the NCAA office of inclusion, all of which can help campaign participates take their diversity and inclusion leadership to the next level.


  • “Do you want to take action and promote diversity/inclusion? The @NCAA offers programming, grant and scholarship opportunities for minority as well as female staff and student-athletes! More info: https://on.ncaa.com/2N5W6qD. #NCAAInclusion” (239 characters)
  • “For specific ideas on how to take action for inclusive excellence, check out the website of the office of inclusion: http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/inclusion. Great resources for #NCAAInclusion!” (199 characters)
  • “Do you want to make your campus a more welcoming place for LGBTQ student-athletes and staff? Check out the @NCAA “Champions of Respect” resource outlining best practices for LGBTQ inclusion: https://bit.ly/2Nzmbhb. #NCAAInclusion” (229 characters)
  • “If you are a member of NCAA Division III, the DIII LGBTQ Working Group has released important new resources in 2019 as part of the #d3oneteam initiative. Check it out here: https://bit.ly/2TP0Hhi. #NCAAInclusion” (211 characters)
  • “Did you know? Mental health issues are more prevalent in students who feel marginalized. Find out how the Sport Science Institute @NCAA supports student-athlete mental wellness: https://on.ncaa.com/2MgKP1C. #NCAAInclusion” (221 characters)  
  • “Interested in learning how to take action for inclusive excellence? The @NCAA hosts an annual NCAA Inclusion Forum. Next year’s forum will be held April 17-19, 2020, in Denver. More info: https://on.ncaa.com/2oZ432I. #NCAAInclusion“ (231 characters)

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