Diversity and Inclusion Social Media Campaign

In Partnership with the Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee (MOIC) and Student-Athlete Advisory Committees (SAACs).

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Day 2: Broadening Our Horizons

Creating connections across campus and highlighting diverse friendships, mentors, and role models

Day 2 (Wednesday, Oct. 23) is focused on the relationships that inspire student-athletes to be their best selves and broaden their horizons, particularly as they reflect diversity and inclusive excellence. This day of the campaign is all about stepping outside of one’s comfort zone, creating connections across campuses/campus offices, and highlighting the value of diverse friendships, role models and mentorship.

To kick off this day, campaign participants should post an announcement revealing the theme for Day 2.

Example Post:

“Day 2 of @NCAA Diversity & Inclusion Week is all about broadening our horizons and making connections! How? (1) Showcase the diverse relationships you value, (2) Step out of your comfort zone and connect with folks across campus & (3) Use #NCAAInclusion to post about it!” (273 characters)

Engagement Level 1: Tweeting/Creating Posts on Social Media

SAAC members and their student-athlete peers could highlight the groups of which they are a part on campus/in the community

Example Posts:

  • “Giving a s/o to my friends from the @LatinoStudentUnion for all they do on campus. Happy to serve as their Outreach Chair this year! #NCAAInclusion” (147 characters)
  • “This semester, I am involved in two groups on campus: [list groups]. It’s important to leave your mark in the community! #NCAAInclusion” (135 characters)
  • “Every Sunday I volunteer and spend time with the folks from @SpecialOlympics! #NCAAInclusion” (92 characters)

Campaign participants can create appreciation posts for friends, mentors or role models that have impacted their life on campus.

Example Posts:

  • “Today’s theme is “Broadening Horizons” and I want to give a shoutout to my coach [name of coach] for pushing me to enroll in my school’s leadership program! So much I’ve learned about leading end impacting others! #NCAAInclusion” (229 characters)
  • “Big shoutout to the student-athlete development staff for providing opportunities to mentor incoming minority freshman! #NCAAInclusion” (135 characters)
  • “Our AD [link AD profile] makes sure that EVERYONE feels welcome at [insert school name]. She is the real MVP! #NCAAInclusion” (124 characters)

SAAC accounts can pose questions focused on relationships and broadening horizons on their social media accounts and ask student-athletes at their schools to respond. Example questions/prompts:

  • What female role model has had an impact in your life?
  • What class has broadened your horizons the most?
  • Tell us about a friend who is different from you and why you value their friendship.

Student-athletes can use their personal or team accounts to invite members of the campus community to their next meet/game/sporting event. Think outside the box here! Invite those groups and members of the campus community that do not regularly attend athletics event (and may even face some barriers to do so). For example, invite academic departments that have no or very little connection to sport (such as chemistry, women’s studies, etc.). Or invite student groups focused on diversity and inclusion work, such as th Black Student Union, LGBTQ alliances, etc.

Engagement Level 2: Create a Twitter Challenge Across Campus/Your Conference

Create a Twitter challenge focused on broadening horizons and building relationships. For example, use the following prompts to start a social media challenge:

Challenge Focus: Comfort Zones

  • One option for this challenge is to simply ask student-athletes (and other campaign participants) to share a time when they were encouraged to go out of their comfort zone.
  • Example prompt/post: “Who has pushed you to step out of your comfort zone? Share your story and nominate three team members, friends, etc. to do the same to celebrate #NCAAInclusion!” (161 characters)

Challenge Focus: Building Relationships on Campus

  • Another option is to ask student-athletes (and other campaign participants) to actively build relationships across campus by challenging them to physically visiting different individuals, offices or departments across campus.
  • Example prompt/post: “Day 2 of this year’s #NCAAInclusion campaign is all about broadening horizons and building relationships! We nominate [insert team handle] to stop by and drop off some treats or gear at the Office of Multicultural Affairs!” (222 characters)
  • Example response post: “Thanks for the nomination, [nominating person/team]! We had a great time hanging out with the great OMA staff. See picture proof below! Who’s next? We nominate [insert team/individual handle] to befriend members of Greek council!” (229 characters)
  • This idea can also be a great way to introduce your athletics staff to your student-athletes. For example, many student-athletes do not know about the designation of  Senior Woman Administrator (SWA) and the important work this senior leader does on campus. Here is more information about the SWA designation: http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/inclusion/senior-woman-administrators.This challenge can be used to ask student-athletes to connect with their SWA and take a picture together! Make sure to give your SWA a heads-up about the campaign before, though, so that she can block off some time on her calendar! Another person that would be a great individual to connect student-athletes with during this campaign day is the Chief Diversity Officer!

Challenge Focus: Mentorship for Underrepresented Groups

  • Ask student-athletes from underrepresented groups (e.g., international student-athletes, student-athletes of color, LGBTQ student-athletes, Muslim student-athletes, etc.) to identify individuals at the university/conference office who have served as a source of support during their time on campus. Highlight these relationships on social media by asking them to take a picture with the individual they would like to recognize and to share a brief quote what that person’s mentorship and support means to them!
  • Example: “I was nominated to give a shout-out to one of my mentors for #NCAAInclusion week! Easy answer: Dr. Miller from the Psych Dept! When I first moved here, her family invited me over for dinner and showed me around town. She’s the real MVP! I nominate: [insert names/handles]” (271 characters)

Of course, you can run all of these challenges simultaneously or combine them based on the unique features of your campus community. Whatever route you go with, make sure to challenge multiple individuals/teams! You can also go beyond campus to include other schools across your conference (or even nation-wide).

Engagement Level 3: Provide Infrastructure for Student-Athletes to Learn About Diversity & Inclusion Resources on Campus!

  • Create an “Inclusion Scavenger Hunt” across Campus
  • Campus SAACs and/or administrators could create a scavenger hunt across campus focused on diversity and inclusion resources. For instance, they could determine a series of ten offices/departments/individuals (ranging from offices such as a Diversity Resource Center to departments such as ethnic studies and individuals such as the Chief Diversity Officer or faculty with a focus on diversity and inclusion work*) that provide important diversity and inclusion insights or resources. Then, clues can be created for each of these stops on the scavenger hunt, with each stop housing the clue for the next stop. Student-athletes can then be split up into teams and are asked to post pictures to social media using the campaign hashtag #NCAAInclusion as they complete the scavenger hunt. Alternatively, you can also provide each stop on the scavenger hunt with a challenge for student-athletes to complete -- these can be simply (e.g., “take an information booklet from the Office of Multicultural Affairs and put it in your dorm room”).

*Make sure you contact these individuals before so that they know to expect a series of student-athletes stopping by that day! It is important to get their buy-in before including them in the scavenger hunt.

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