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Board of Governors Diversity & Inclusion Programming

Minority Coaches Series

The Minority Coaches Series is an exclusive year-long professional development opportunity for female assistant coaches in women’s basketball, volleyball, and track and field. The NCAA collaborates with three affiliate organizations specific to each sport (American Volleyball Coaches Association, Women’s Basketball Coaches Association and USA Track and Field) to select promising ethnic minority participants.

The series will grant coaches the opportunity to take a deeper dive into the world of college coaching. Through case studies, readings, continuing education and three days of in-person interactions, the coaches will be exposed to the reality of what it takes to become a head coach. This professional development opportunity takes places over the course of a calendar year, which includes two in-person programs at the beginning and end of that year.


Achieving Communication Success Workshop 

The Achieving Communication Success Workshop is a three-day educational immersion where senior-level administrators craft and perfect personal messaging. With the help of communication industry experts, attendees develop strategies and tactics to deliver the messaging, internally and externally.

Through on- and off-camera interviews, group discussion and real-time feedback, participants can grow their communication skills from a personal and professional standpoint.


Leadership Education 

The Minority Education Series is a yearlong comprehensive engagement among up-and-coming midlevel administrators. Over the course of two in-person sessions, participants are exposed to various facets of intercollegiate athletics.

Participants will be granted the opportunity to explore the world of senior-level responsibilities through case studies, networking and high-level speakers. The intent of the program is to equip participants with a new skill set, which they will be able to directly apply to their current and hopefully future responsibilities.