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Updates coming to Revenue Distribution System

In mid-May, the NCAA will launch updates to the Revenue Distribution System. These updates, detailed below, will allow for expedited cash flow to members, as well as provide more detailed payment information. The system, used by members to report how they spend money they receive from the NCAA, continues to house distribution data going back to 2001 and now includes financial benefits statements for the same timeframe.

The updated system will allow members to receive distribution payments by June 30 of each year, which is several months earlier than previous years.

The changes were recommended by the NCAA’s Division I Values-Based Revenue Distribution Working Group, a member-led group charged with making recommendations that ensure the Division I revenue distribution plan reflects and enhances the division’s commitments, with particular emphasis on academic standards and student-athlete academic performance. The changes were then approved by both the Board of Governors and the Division I Board of Directors in October 2016.

What changes will I notice?

Single-source sign-on

The way members will access the system will change, as it will now be part of the NCAA Single-Source Sign-on System (located in NCAA My Apps) to allow schools and conferences to control who has access to the system, while also reducing the number of NCAA usernames and passwords each individual user needs to remember.
Each school and conference has a single-source sign-on administrator, and that person can provide access to users, either to allow someone to input data or view it. If you already use NCAA My Apps, the single-source sign-on administrator will only have to add you as a user of the new Revenue Distribution System application. If you do not know who the single-source sign-on administrator is on your campus, contact to request the name and contact info of your institution’s single-source sign-on administrator.

In early May — when the updated system launches — campus and conference administrators will receive another email with instructions for how their single-source sign-on administrator can add users to My Apps.

A new look, more information available

The look of the system will change to be more intuitive and user-friendly. When the system launches, campus and conference administrators will receive an email with screenshots walking them through how the interface has changed.

Also, users will now be able to access financial benefits statements going back to 2001, a change from the previous system, which only included the current year’s information.

Combining of funds

Because two existing funds (the Student Support Fund and the Academic Enhancement Fund) have the same spend categories and reporting requirements, they are being combined into the Academic Enhancement Fund.

Change in reporting period used to determine conference affiliation

Revenue distributions for the Special Assistance Fund and the Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund will now be paid based on the conference affiliation from the current year, as opposed to the upcoming year. This will make the payment consistent with all other revenue distributions.

Change in who receives payments and how they’re combined
  • The Academic Enhancement Fund payment now will be sent to the conference instead of the school, as the conference is responsible for submitting the Report of Uses.
  • Payments for the Academic Enhancement Fund, the Special Assistance Fund and the Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund, as well as Conference Grants, will be sent in one payment to the conference.
Change in reporting process for Special Assistance Fund, academic year for Pell Grant data

For the 2017 distribution, the time period used for the revenue distribution calculation related to Pell Grant data — which accounts for 70 percent of the Special Assistance Fund — will change from the current academic year to the prior year. This change was made to use the same academic-year data for all three portions of the Special Assistance Fund calculation and be consistent with all other revenue distribution calculations.

Beginning in January 2018, members will submit data for the Special Assistance Fund via the NCAA Membership Financial Reporting System, rather than the Revenue Distribution System. As a result, since members won’t input new Pell Grant data until 2018, this year’s information will be calculated by the NCAA’s finance and accounting staff using the data members submitted in 2016 via the Revenue Distribution System.

Reduced amount of data requested

The redesigned system reduces the amount of data requested in the report of uses for the Academic Enhancement Fund and the Special Assistance Fund/Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund. Now, members only will need to provide expenses for the spend categories in total, instead of by sport and gender. Schools still will submit information to their conference for review and final submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

What changes already have taken place?

You might have noticed that the January 2017 Membership Financial Reporting System included a request for grants-in-aid and sports sponsorship revenue distribution data. This change eliminates the need to ask for the information via the Revenue Distribution System.

Who is responsible for the changes?

The changes were recommended to the Division I Board of Directors  by the NCAA’s Division I Values-Based Revenue Distribution Working Group, a member-led group that includes university presidents, athletics directors, a faculty athletics representative, a student-athlete and a conference commissioner. The changes were approved by both the Division I Board of Directors and the Board of Governors and will be managed and implemented by the NCAA’s finance and accounting staff.

When will the updated system be available?

The updated system will launch in early May. School and conference administrators will receive instructions at that time for how to complete the new system login procedures and designate a school or conference representative. We expect the Report of Uses form to open no later than June 1 and close Aug. 31, but those dates are subject to change, and school and conference administrators will receive notice once they’re confirmed.

Who will receive revenue distribution communications in the future?

Contacts who previously received revenue distribution communication from the NCAA will continue to receive information (president and chancellor, athletics director, senior woman administrator, senior compliance administrator, chief financial officer for athletics, conference commissioner, chief financial officer for conference).

Additionally, in the past, the NCAA’s Sports Sponsorship and Demographic Form requested contact information for one chief financial officer. However, because the appropriate contacts and their responsibilities vary by school, beginning in 2017, the form will request contact information for both the chief financial officer for athletics and chief financial officer for institution.

Where can I find more detailed information about 2017 revenue distributions? What about the upcoming academics-related changes to distributions?

Beginning with the 2019-2020 academic year, a portion of Division I revenue will be distributed to member schools based on the academic achievement of student-athletes. More information can be found here

Whom should I contact if I have a question?

If you have general inquiries, please email or call Debbie Atkinson at 317-917-6203. For distribution-specific questions, contact Andrea Worlock at or 317-917-6253.