2020 Regional Rules Goes Virtual In June

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Regional Rules Seminar is being delivered in a new virtual format. Interactive sessions will be conducted June 1-3 for Division II and for Divisions I and III on June 8-10, June 18-19 and June 22-25. This new format gives membership flexible programming options to join live sessions or watch recorded sessions. Stay tuned for registration information.

2020 Regional Rules Seminars

The NCAA Regional Rules Seminars are an NCAA legislation, athletics compliance and associated issues educational forum designed to benefit participants with different responsibilities, backgrounds, experiences and levels of expertise. Attendees are athletics administrators, coaches, and other campus administrators in the areas of financial aid, registration and admissions from Divisions I, II and III member schools and conferences.

Please note, in an attempt to assure technical quality for participants, all live sessions will be capped at 900 participants.

2020 Regional Rules Seminars Sessions Schedule

2020 NCAA Regional Rules Seminar live webinar sessions will be conducted virtually on the following dates in June 2020:

  • June 1-3: Division II sessions only.
  • June 8-10: Division I and Division III sessions only.
  • June 18-19: Division I, Division III and Enforcement sessions only.
  • June 22-25: Division I, Division III, Institutional Performance Program and Eligibility Center Sessions only.

Sessions are categorized to assist attendees based on their experience and expertise. It is not necessary for attendees to attend all sessions; however, attendees are required to preregister for each live webinar session by clicking here. Membership division, individual areas of responsibility and attendee seminar learning objectives should be considered when making session selections. All live sessions will be recorded and made available to NCAA members in the NCAA Learning Portal after the seminar by mid-July. In addition to live webinar sessions, supplemental educational resources and downloadable presentations on Division I and Division III rules will be posted in June and July.

If you have questions regarding the virtual 2020 NCAA Regional Rules Seminars, please visit ncaa.org or contact NCAARegionalRulesSeminars@ncaa.org.

Know Before You Go

Before you tune into the 2020 NCAA Regional Rules Seminar, review important information including the comprehensive schedule, session descriptions and session materials.

2020 Regional Rules Seminar FAQs
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