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NCAA Student-Athlete and Bob Frederick Sportsmanship Awards

NCAA Student-Athlete Sportsmanship Award Nomination Form
NCAA Student-Athlete Nomination Submission Process and Timeline

The NCAA Committee on Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct (CSEC) is seeking nominations for the NCAA Student-Athlete Sportsmanship Awards.  These awards honor student-athletes who have distinguished themselves through demonstrated acts of sportsmanship and ethical behavior.  The awards are administered by the CSEC, which was established in 1997. From the nominees, the CSEC is encouraged to select six divisional honorees, one male and one female (individual or group) from each division, as well as one team chosen from all divisions.  This year, the CSEC requests that nominations be sent directly from institutions to the NCAA.  Conference approval and submission of nominations to the NCAA is no longer required, however, institutions are asked to notify their conference of nominations they have sent.  The submission deadline is June 17, 2015.


  • Nominee(s) act positively affected a community’s sports culture and game environment.
  • Nominee(s) act clearly demonstrates sportsmanship. The CSEC defines a sportsmanship act as behavior exhibited during competition by student-athletes based on values, respect and integrity.
  • Nominee(s) displayed act(s) of integrity that go beyond the sport’s playing rules and etiquette.
  • Nominee(s) made decisions that while difficult or unpopular, are respectful of the game/opponent.
  • Nominee(s) put others’ needs ahead of his or her own.
  • Nominee(s) must be a member of an NCAA intercollegiate athletics team during the 2014-15 academic year.
  • Multiple individuals may be considered if involved in the same act.

NCAA Bob Frederick Sportsmanship Award Nomination Form
Bob Fredrick Award Nomination Submission Process and Timeline

The CSEC is seeking nominations for the NCAA Bob Frederick Sportsmanship Award (Frederick Award).  The award will honor a coach, administrator or staff member (past or present) who possesses a demonstrated history of sportsmanship.  This individual will have displayed the utmost respect for NCAA intercollegiate athletics and all who participate by leading by example and promoting positive fan involvement in and out of the competition setting.  As Bob Frederick was, the recipient of this award will be known by his or her dedication to preserving the integrity of intercollegiate athletics. The submission deadline is June 17, 2015


  • Only individuals currently employed by active NCAA members or affiliated organizations may nominate. 


All athletics administrators, coaches and staff that meet the following criteria are eligible.

  • Nominees must have demonstrated a history of sportsmanship by:
    • Consistently respecting competitions, student-athletes, coaches and officials.
    • Encouraging student-athletes to demonstrate good sportsmanship and ethical conduct in and out of competition.
    • Acting with integrity and respect for others across all endeavors.
  • Nominees must be currently employed or previously employed by an active NCAA member institution, conference, or affiliated organization.
  • Additional consideration will be given to nominees who have consistently influenced others, including fans, to demonstrate the above listed criteria.
  • The Frederick Award will honor only one coach, administrator or staff member per year.  Different from the NCAA Student-Athlete Sportsmanship Award, the award is not gender or division specific.

Memorandum Requesting Sportsmanship Award Nominations

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