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Contact the NCAA Division III National Office Staff

Note: Students and parents with eligibility questions should contact the NCAA Eligibility Center at (877) 262-1492 (toll free) or (317) 223-0700


Dan Dutcher
Vice President for Division III
(317) 917-6942

Louise McCleary
Director for Division III
(317) 917-6637

Jay Jones
Associate Director for Division III
(317) 917-6004

Adam Skaggs
Assistant Director of Division III Governance Communications
(317) 917-6975

Debbie Kresge
Executive Assistant
(317) 917-6907

Debbie Brown
Administrative Assistant 
(317) 917-6617

Academic and membership affairs

Jeff Myers
Director of Academic and Membership Affairs
(317) 917-6870

Sarah Otey
Associate Director of Academic and Membership Affairs
(317) 917-6721


Liz Suscha
Director of Championships and Alliances
(317) 917-6189


Brian Hendrickson
Director of Membership Communications 
(317) 917-6773


Eric Hartung
Associate Director of Research
(317) 917-6306

Leadership Development

Sarah Sadowski
Coordinator of Leadership Development – Grants and Internships
(317) 917-6714