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AASP Career Development Award for Student-Athletes

Within the Accelerating Academic Success Program, the NCAA is excited to offer an opportunity for all AASP eligible institutions that aims to support the professional development of student-athletes who are planning to pursue a career in athletics.

The two recipients chosen by the AASP Selection Committee for this award will:

  • Be highlighted on the AASP website.
  • Receive travel awards to attend the 2018 Career in Sports Forum (May 31-June 3) and the 2018 AASP Annual Conference (July 24-25).

To be eligible, a student-athlete must:

  • Be enrolled at an AASP eligible institution.
  • Be interested in pursuing a career in athletics.
  • Have completed his or her sophomore year.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher.
  • Be eligible for athletics competition.
  • Be available to attend both professional development events.

Student-athletes must be nominated by an athletics administrator or faculty athletics representative.  Schools can nominate up to two student-athletes, but if nominating two, one must be male.

To nominate a student-athlete, send names and email addresses to Dr. Tiese Roxbury (  After being nominated, student-athletes must complete an application in Program Hub.

Applications are due February 9, 2018.

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The NCAA provides support for schools as they work to meet the NCAA’s academic standards via the Accelerating Academic Success Program, which assists Division I schools as they develop programs and systems designed to increase graduation rates and ensure academic success.

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