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The advantages of competing in college sports are both immediate and lifelong. Participating in college sports provides opportunities to learn, compete and succeed.

Student-athlete success

More than $2.7 billion in athletic scholarships is distributed each year along with access to medical care, academic support services and first-class training opportunities.

NCAA membership

Nearly 1,100 colleges and universities in NCAA Division I, Division II and Division III collectively invest in improving the experiences of student-athletes.

Student-athlete success on the field, in the classroom and in life is at the heart of our mission.
Spotlight: Division I governance

The Division I Board of Directors approved a new structure for how schools and conferences will make rules in the future. Read highlights, watch board members explain the future and find out what’s next.

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2015 NCAA Convention

Registration is open

The 2015 NCAA Convention will take place Jan. 15-18 in the Washington, D.C. area.

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Make the experience positive

In an excerpt from the Sport Science Institute’s guide to mental health, “Mind, Body and Sport,” Lincoln Memorial student-athlete Bradley Maldonado offers his perspective and advice as a student-athlete to managing mental health. Read More.

Latest updates

“We have got to interrupt this process. We have got to help and respond to it when it occurs more effectively. And why athletics? We have a unique opportunity to address this issue and lead our campus in some cases in cultural change.”

- Debbie Wilson, George Mason University associate athletic director and author of the NCAA sexual violence handbook.

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We are a member-led, higher education association that appreciates the impact a college degree can have in transforming a life. NCAA employees come to work every day believing in their ability to make a difference.

Join our team and help us carry our mission into the future.

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